Stop the destruction of Adam's bridge or Rama bridge or Ram Setu. Please sign the petition below

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2km wide,48km long between India (top) & Sri Lanka
Bridge between India (top right) & Sri Lanka (bottom left), built by Lord Rama over 5,000 years ago
The discovery of the thousands of years old, 2km wide, 46 km long, man made bridge, see opposite, NASA satellite image, has made it a target for man-planned destruction led by international commercial greed ...contrary to international and national laws that protect such globally revered monuments.

Anyone destroying the bridge will be committing an offence
The Law: Constitution of India
49. Protection of monuments and places and objects of national importance.—It shall be the obligation of the State to protect every monument or place or object of artistic or historic interest, declared by or under law made by Parliament to be of national importance, from spoliation, disfigurement, destruction, removal, disposal or export, as the case may be.

All Hindu's, historians, archeologists and humans of the world are called to unite to prevent this most ancient, at least 7,500 years old man-made bridge, believed by Hindus to be built by Lord Ram as part of the Ramayan epic, and believed by Muslims and Christians to be built by Adam as part of the Adam and Eve story of God's creation.

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Please publicise the saving of the Ram Setu or Adam's bridge to your friends, Member of Parliaments, on websites, to the press, media nationally and internationally

Dredgers commenced the destruction of the bridge
25% of the planned destruction has been done hastily, without proper consultation


Above photograph by PlaneMad


Hindus, Muslims and Christians and their organisations all over the world are uniting to protest in the streets of major towns to bring to the attention of their Governments, the planned destruction of the Ram Setu, or Adam's bridge.  It is a matter of urgent international concern for UNESCO to list this monument as a World Heritage site of India and Sri Lanka so that it can be protected from destruction.

This website calls for international support to stop the destruction of the bridge built over 5,000 years ago, at a time when there were no geographical boundaries or religions, only the Vedas and the Upanishads (Holy Scriptures) from whence all religions evolved.

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